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The middle class is being wiped out…

There are over
businesses closing forever every day

Too many of the brick and mortar businesses that were the backbone of middle class prosperity have been destroyed. Manufacturing and services are disappearing offshore to countries like India, China, Vietnam, and Indonesia where labor and environmental costs are nothing compared to the USA and Europe. This was already happening before the pandemic, but with it, the economic destruction accelerated. It is estimated that five million small and middle-sized businesses were wiped out by the end of 2021 along with 20 million jobs which obliterates an incredible amount of the middle classes’ income and remaining assets. See what tools CitadelBuilder has for you to own an indestructable online business that makes enough money to fund your and your loved-ones' futures as your sales grow everyday, all backed up by the Citadel Builder Guarantee.

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Small businesses were crushed by the combination of draconian lockdowns and riotous lunacy, while giants like Amazon have thrived like never before. As the Wall Street Journal reported, at least four of the tech giants – Amazon, Apple, eBay and Facebook – have booked massive gains during the lockdowns and riots. Amazon’s sales rose by 140% in 2020. Sales at eBay by 50%, and Facebook 80%.


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Citadel Builder allows nearly anyone to earn money daily with a push-to-start business that handles inventory, shipping facilities, and payroll. Citadel Builder enhances your online business experience with quick and easy auto-management that keeps your business operational and productive.

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When you join the Citadel Builder Community you join a group with a collective 100 years of experience in ecommerce. We know every crack and crevice in this exciting and rapidly growing industry that is dominating world commerce.

Citadel Builder is dedicated to only one objective:

To provide the service and strategies to save you and your family from destitution and poverty by CHARGING into the new Ecommerce Bonanza that is changing the face of the world at nearly warp speed.

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Builders in the making

Sandra Turner, Texas

My Husband ran a small hardware store that he had his whole life. After we retired we decided to close shop. Now we still continue to sell inventory online thanks to Citadel Builder.

Helen Jones, Florida

I started a small garage sale group on social media where I used to spend way too much time and an embarrassing amount of money to sell junk online just for a couple extra bucks. After a few phone calls and some really cool demos with Citadel Builder, I was able to launch my own store selling used items and antiques. They handle EVERYTHING and I stopped getting new grey hairs!

Ralph Guiterrez, California

I used to get sunburned selling perfume and cologne every weekend at flea markets. Citadel Builder made a store overnight that sells more brands and scents that I never thought I would get my hands on. It is really relaxing to hear the crash of the waves hitting the beach with the faint scent of 10,000 orders of DKNY being imported and shipped to my customers while I enjoy an ice-cold piña colada (virgin, of course!).

Frank Witkowski, New Jersey

I retired from alcohol distribution 20 years ago, but I always have friends and family who want a good bargain. Citadel Builder helped me create five party and beverage stores where I never have to worry about a thing... I just tell everyone to check out my websites.

Mark Gillen, Wisconsin

I rebuild auto parts that are either no longer available, or nearly impossible to find. The internet is such a wonderful tool to find anything that you are looking for. I now have auto part sites that sell parts that I don't have to stock, order, or build. I still do custom orders, but I save so much hassle by selling parts that can be found across the web.



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