Earn $50 Varo Referral Program

Citadel Builder want to spread the word about the Varo Referral Program and show you how to get $25 in cash + your own website and eBook that shows you how to successfully make money off of it. When you refer a friend and follow the steps below, you and a friend could end up with your own website and each earn up to $50 from Varo using their referral program.

Ok so what’s the catch?

You will have to jump through a couple hoops, but hey it’s free money, right?

Basically it works like this, you click the link below, open your Varo account, buy the book and website for $25 (from your Varo account), refer your own friend, have them buy the book the website and book for $25, and boom, Varo will give you both $50.

So you spend, $25, your friend spends $25 and you both get $50 back. (per friend you refer). Refer up to 5 friends. Hey, it’s free money and a free website that could make even more moeny so let’s get right to it:

  1. Open a Varo Bank Account. Open your account here.
  2. Buy your website and eBook for $25 here.
  3. Invite your friends. Varo will email you your own referral code. Share it with up to 5 friends. Your code will look something like this: “varomoney.com/r/?r=yourname101010
  4. Send the link to your friend and make sure they buy the $25 website and eBook (copy and paste to send to whomever however!)
  5. Varo will send you both $50.
  6. Do this with up to 5 friends. (5 referrals for $25/each = $125)

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