Building Wealth Through Ecommerce

E Commerce is defined as business that is  mostly conducted online. In 2020 ecommerce now accounts for  nearly 30% of US, Canadian and European sales. IN 2020, in just 12 short month, the amount of retail commerce conducted online grew by 40%! The 4th Quarter profits of Amazon alone were over 8 billion dollars and its founder, Jeff Bezos, became either the 1st or 2nd richest person in the world.  

When you join the Citadel Builder Community you join a group with a collective 100 years of experience in ecommerce. We know every crack and crevice in this exciting and rapidly growing industry that is dominating world commerce.

The Wealth Builder Community Not only Provides You With ALL the Tools you Need to Succeed in Ecommerce also We Optimize and Operate Them for You for ONE Inclusive Price.Businesses are ready to pay anywhere between $10,000 and $20,000 for the same prepaid services CITADEL BUILDERS give you!This is a huge leg up on your competition because you receive five fully functional stores ready to generate income for just $6,997.This means that you can exploit five different niche markets. One store may be aimed at Christmas and Holiday shoppers, another at outdoor activities, another for Summer foods and travel, another at maintaining year around good health and fitness.Whatever the season, whatever the event, whatever the style and fad,  you are ready with the products and services our team of experts using Advanced Artificial Intelligence programs have already found for you and loaded into your stores. All you have to do is authorize the marketing and sit back and collect the income your store generates.Yes, it’s really as simple as that. We provide an all inclusive executive service where you can take control of your marketing.

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