Start Selling with a Single store or Five Stores Today.

  • Our Stores are built based on a  one-time payment for a lifetime of service and perks. Imagine acquiring a new piece of business real estate, but instead of brick and mortar, it's virtual.
  • No property tax, property lease, or rental agreements.
  • Say goodbye to inventory, ordering, and accounting.
  • We will have everything automated and ready to go at your call.
  • Maintenance fees will never be charged in our all-inclusive program.

We build your stores

  • Citadel Builder is powered by the World's New Favorite eCommerce Platform:
  • Thousands of hours of programming, coding, setup, and millions in investment were spent developing this platform to perform at the highest income capacity.
  • It is more powerful, faster, easier to use than Shopify, Wix, or Weebly. is the World's New Favorite ecommerce Platform.

We take care of, inventory, warehousing, and shipping.

  • Choose your favorite category of products to sell, and we will take care of the rest.
  • It's that easy.


The future of Shopping is closer than ever before

Let's face it. Mom and Pop shops are slowly diminishing across the U.S.

The big retailers are taking over the supply for the common demand. They do this by:

  • Having a well established bulk supply chain
  • Ability to undersell nearly all competition
  • Combining various departments such as grocery, clothing, automotive under one roof

This is something that has been happening for decades until  now. Now Mom and Pop, the college grad entrepreneur, and every local small business has a chance again.  Citadel Builder is here to make small businesses great again.

Let's Do the Math

The average small business leases a 1900 sq. ft. commercial real estate property for $3,700/month (US national average cost) on a five year contract. 

12 months x $3,700 = $44,400/year

5 years x $44,400 = $222,000 

That is for a property that you don't own.

 The average small business grosses $73,000/year before taxes and expenses.


$73,000 gross - $44,000 lease = $28,000 leftover to cover expenses.

The American Dream is Back

The big chain retailers have run into a brick wall...Online shopping.

Even though they all have online shopping available, their online sales numbers are small because they mainly focus on high volumes of traffic in physical locations.

This is where you have the advantage:

  •  You can sell anything you want, whenever you want.
  • Be spontaneous and creative
  • Be fully engaged with an expanding customer network that will always return.
  • Have customers who will always come back because of their personal experience with an original small online shop owned by a fellow average hard working American.

Try our Demo Check Out Process

Don't Worry, THERE IS NO NEED TO FILL OUT ANY payment information today, just a little more about you and how we can help start building your citadel of wealth. Our checkout process is just a demo of what each of your stores could look like when you start selling today!

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