After purchase, your store can be operational in 48 hours or less. This means you will be open to the public and can start selling products immediately. Citadel Builder warehouses your products and manages shipping, as well as customer service for your first 180 days!


We pack every store with $20,000 worth of multi-media advertising across social media and the world wide web. This includes videos, photos, and creative ads that will build a large audience. Citadel Builder can provide this because we want to see you succeed. We offer countless resources like no other online business to use at your disposal when you choose to buy a Citadel Builder Online Business.


  • Domain Registration: We connect you with top level domains designed to drive traffic to your stores. We use over 50 research tools to find the right domains for you. You will receive a list of suggested domains which are your interest address. Of course,  if you have specific preferences we will quickly implement them. Your domain will be good for for one year after purchase and can be auto-renewed.
  • One year of prepaid hosting and an SSL certificate: After one year your hosting will be payable monthly or annually at a very competitive price or you can move the site to your own host.
  • Lightning Speed Hosting Service

Our online businesses are powered by best-of-breed software for the best possible user experience. 

A single business can be preloaded with up to 200 products, all carefully researched and proven best sellers. Every listing is expertly designed and optimized for a maximum conversion rate.

  • Connect a bank account to receive your profits from your business.
  • We provide various protected and secured payment gateways for both you and your clients.
  • You will have full access. You may operate the store entirely yourself or allow our staff access to make all the optimizations, changes and modifications necessary to keep your stores running flawlessly and profitably.
  • Mobile and iPad optimized -- This is essential and left out of many store designs. It is estimated over 70% of online transactions are completed on mobile devices.


When you start your online business with Citadel Builder, you will have exclusive access to premium services that will super boost your sales, customers, and website visitors. These web-tools are free for Citadel Business Owners.

Content Sheriff

Content Sheriff provides professional content writing services to ensure continuous traffic flow and increase website visibility. Importantly, the content is optimized to appear high in search engine rankings with loads of   necessary keywords and phrases to bring your content and website to the targeted viewer.

Lead Traffic

Lead Traffic is a lead-generation service that uses cutting-edge digital tools to create high-quality leads for your business. It focuses on digital marketing since most buyers in the modern world find and purchase their extra goods online due to ease and cost comparable to traditional brick and mortar stores. It has strong experience in the lead-generation industry and knows what works and what doesn’t due to its meticulous analytics systems. It takes advantage of multiple different social media channels to find leads and build rapport with them, to maximize their chances of becoming repeat, loyal customers. It specializes in traffic generation, conversion optimization, campaign management and analytics management, which is one of, if not the most, important tool in the field of Big Data to drive targeted traffic.


MailAppi is a mass-email manager which can send mass-emails and provide advanced analytics to improve business and marketing planning and decisions. This type of tool is also extremely important for maintaining customer loyalty, because if you regularly email your potential and existing customers with product-related content that adds value to their lives (in a fully-automated way as this tool provides), their chances of remaining repeat-customers increases.

IM Social Proof

Imsocialproof is an all-in-one social widget provider which includes 307 different types of indications of social proof of your e-commerce store’s quality, including website/page view counts, urgency countdowns, reviews, non-intrusive informational messages, coupon notifications, emoji feedback, calls to action and email collectors. It has Free, Plus and Pro tiers, with Pro giving you an unlimited amount of campaigns, notifications, and notification impressions, as well as custom and removable branding, all without ads. These widgets are vital for creating great first impressions and for creating proof that your potential buyers are looking at high-quality goods that will function as advertised and arrive at their doorsteps on-time. It supports not only WordPress but several other store managers as well, to maximize flexibility.You will have


Webinarkeen is a personalized videoconferencing platform that can host automated, hassle-free webinars and general meetings, with analytics, an email list builder and seamless communications with your leads, including in Q&A format. It’s important for customer service, as the typical customer service that customers receive with faceless corporations is often enough to make them upset and switch. Customer service should be as ‘human’ as possible, which requires platforms like Webinarkeen that provides all the tools necessary to make customer interaction as seamless and pleasant as possible.

Social Rabbit

Social Rabbit is a social media post automator for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest which includes advanced scheduling capabilities and analytics. It’s needed to facilitate the social media marketing aspect of your business, as it will be one of your main traffic generators and public opinion channels, and to collect enough information from your existing campaigns to improve their targeting and content strategies. It requires no management and rapidly indexes your website and its pages by search engines, and even includes a free, detailed book on how to run highly-successful automated social media promotions for your business. You can also view its blog to always stay up-to-date with the latest marketing tips and tricks that will make it easy to stay ahead of any competition you may have.


ClicCopy is a powerful copywriting software online business owners who want to sell more of their products and services use. It's safe to say that ClicCopy is a class above the rest and was created after tons of brainstorming sessions to ensure you engage the maximum audience and convert them into happy, repeat customers to boost business.


CTRFlow is a social media widget tool that provides fourteen different social proof marketing tools to help convert your website visitors into paying customers. They include a notifier, coupon alert, live visitors display, email collector, and a signup call-to-action widget.

Elite Whiteboard Videos

Elite Whiteboard Videos is a video production service that ensures that your marketing videos are the highest quality in the industry, and includes script-writing and video SEO.

Build Back


Build Back is an SEO tool that specializes in building backlinks, which are links on other websites that link to yours and help search engines determine how trustworthy your website is and how high it should be ranked.


GrowsFast is a social media marketing service-resell platform that allows you to resell the social media marketing services that CitadelBuilder already provides.

Fantastic Digital Marketing

Fantastic Digital Marketing is an all-in-one digital marketing platform that connects you to experts that know SEO, SEM (search engine marketing, paid ads), SMM (social media marketing) and other marketing strategies to make sure your stores succeed, all included in your CitadelBuilder membership.

Affiliate Marketing Purpose

Affiliate Marketing Purpose is a platform that teaches you about and automates the process of affiliate marketing, which is a very widely-used method of getting sales without having to invest more time and money than you want.

Speech Word

Speech Word is a platform that facilitates the text-to-speech aspect of your marketing strategy, in case visitors browse other websites while keeping yours open in which they'd listen to the text displayed on your website. It includes 65 languages and over 400 types of voices.


BlogWep is a WordPress affiliate store tool that allows you to create your own automated affiliate program to help you market your store through new customers who also have marketing knowledge.

Ranking United

Ranking United is an SEO tool that includes keyword research which is needed to direct traffic to web pages that are optimized for specific keywords.


StafFinance is a CRM tool that helps automate the administrative process of your business, including task-scheduling and tracking and it specializes in small and growing businesses.

Real Estate Builder

Real Estate Site is a platform that enables you to build real estate classified sites which are another extremely helpful tool to help you market your online business.