After purchase, your store can be operational in 48 hours or less. This means you will be open to the public and can start selling products immediately. Citadel Builder warehouses your products and manages shipping, as well as customer service for your first 180 days!


We pack every store with $20,000 worth of multi-media advertising across social media and the world wide web. This includes videos, photos, and creative ads that will build a large audience. Citadel Builder can provide this because we want to see you succeed. We offer countless resources like no other online business to use at your disposal when you choose to buy a Citadel Builder Online Business.


  • Domain Registration: We connect you with top level domains designed to drive traffic to your stores. We use over 50 research tools to find the right domains for you. You will receive a list of suggested domains which are your interest address. Of course,  if you have specific preferences we will quickly implement them. Your domain will be good for for one year after purchase and can be auto-renewed.
  • One year of prepaid hosting and an SSL certificate: After one year your hosting will be payable monthly or annually at a very competitive price or you can move the site to your own host.
  • Lightning Speed Hosting Service

Our online businesses are powered by best-of-breed software for the best possible user experience. 

A single business can be preloaded with up to 200 products, all carefully researched and proven best sellers. Every listing is expertly designed and optimized for a maximum conversion rate.

  • Connect a bank account to receive your profits from your business.
  • We provide various protected and secured payment gateways for both you and your clients.
  • You will have full access. You may operate the store entirely yourself or allow our staff access to make all the optimizations, changes and modifications necessary to keep your stores running flawlessly and profitably.
  • Mobile and iPad optimized -- This is essential and left out of many store designs. It is estimated over 70% of online transactions are completed on mobile devices.