Every business we build is designed for success.

Instant online business setup-- Your business can be up and operational within 48 hours of payment and return of basic business information; weekends and holidays excluded.

  • Domain Registration-- no subdomains but top level domains designed to drive traffic to your stores. We use over 50 research tools to find the right domains for you.  You will receive a list of suggested domains which are your interest address. Of course,  if you have specific preferences we will quickly implement them. Your domain will be prepaid for one year.
  • One year of prepaid hosting and an SSL certificate. After one-year your hosting will be payable monthly or annually at a very competitive price or you can  move the site to your own host.
  • Lightning Speed Hosting Service

Our online-shops are powered by best-of-breed software for the best possible user experience.  


A single store is preloaded with up to 200 products all carefully, researched and proven best sellers. Each listing will be expertly designed and optimized for maximum conversion rate. Each product may have unlimited variations such as size and color

  • You will need a bank account to receive your commissions.
  • You will not need a payment gateway as these products will be sold and delivered from the Amazon, eBay or another sales platform.
  • If you  wish to load your own products we will assist you in establishing a PayPal or another account to process payments. Each store will have its own shopping cart.  
  •  You will have full site access. You may operate the store entirely yourself or allow our staff access to make all the optimizations, changes and modifications necessary to keep your stores running flawlessly and profitably.
  • Mobile and iPad optimized -- This is essential and left out  of many store designs. It is estimated over 70% of online transactions are completed on mobile devices.

Every Business comes with a value worth over $20,000 in prepaid advertising and services.

Citadel Builder has access to AI technology  that monitors the hottest selling products and services on the web. We design your stores to match your market based on your hobbies and interests.

If you purchase 5 stores, the total value is over  $125,000.

  • Immediately upon purchase you will have access to $125,000 worth of prepaid services and marketing.

We can do this because YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS.

Cost Breakdowns*:

  • $3500 - store design and setup costs
  • $150.00 - Prepaid Google Advertising.
  • $100 - Prepaid Bing Advertising
  • $100 of Prepaid Facebook Advertising
  • $100 in Prepaid TikTok Advertising
  • $200 in Prepaid Press Release Service
  • $2500 in Prepaid Search Engine Optimization Services or SEO
  • $100 in Prepaid Amazon Product Ads
  • $3000 value for shop listing in Facebook Stores, Google Shopping, and Bing Shopping
  • $1000 in Prepaid Video Production Services for your site and ads
  • $2500 in value video placement service on over 60 Video Sharing sites.
  • $1000 in value listings on web directories
  • $1000 in value back-links to increase your rankings in search engines
  • $500 in value using our sophisticated software to help you find the best domain for your store.
  • $2000 in organic Pinterest Advertising that will drive thousands of potentialbuyers to your store.
  • $2000 in setup of your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin Accounts that will drive thousands of potential buyers to your store.   This includes creating up to 100 Likes to your Facebook pages
  • Continued marketing support worth thousands more as your success is always our success.

What are you waiting for? Open up Shop and Start making money today!