How Do My Stores Generate Traffic and Sales?

The best designed store stocked with the best selling items will not be a success without reaching out and attracting visitors who want to buy its products and services. We are among the best marketers in e-commerce and have the social media tools that drive your first visitors and buyers to your stores. Our marketing plan includes all of the main social media sites used by billions of people daily and we drive mainly free traffic from these huge forums to your stores. Among our many tools is software that literally blasts your site to hundreds of sources filled with buyers waiting for your offer. We design your stores with products, ads, and strategies that have worked for us and should work for you! Of course, you are always free to implement your own marketing plan. See all of the features that come with a single store HERE.

What Is Different About Your Stores?

Citadel Builder stores combine the best of online product sales with the advantages of being an affiliate of well-known online stores like BuzzPresents. The advantage is that your customers' orders are fulfilled directly from our warehouses and manufacturers so you have no need to hold and manage a physical inventory. You receive a commission from each sale made. On selected products, those already loaded into your store, the customer selects a product from your store and is directed to BuzzPresents to complete their purchase. You receive a commission from both BuzzPresents and one of our partners like Fitnessumit. This combined commission can be as much as 40-50%.

How Much Am I Saving By Joining the Citadel Builders Community?

There are alternatives to Citadel Builder, but they ALL require you to design and set up your own store, search out the best niche, stock it with the hottest products at the right price, and develop a marketing campaign that drives sales to your store. There is no guidance directing a would-be online entrepreneur as to the hottest niche markets. It's mainly trial and error and you are likely to spend tens of thousands of dollars finding the right combination of design, marketing and products that will yield a profit. Basically, you are on your own. That's not the case with Citadel Builders. Your stores are created using the latest design technology, they are stocked with the hottest products at the best price, are primed with the latest marketing techniques and they are guided step-by-step by renowned experts in the field of online marketing.

What Is Included With My Stores?

We provide each store with a Premium Domain Name, premium design, hosting on one of the world's fastest servers, email set-up for each of your stores, social media sites and expert a guidance so you can use to select the best marketing opportunities, four times weekly posting to your social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin,and especially Pinterest using our advanced posting technology that continually keeps your products and services in front of billions of potential buyers.

Each store comes with $15,000 or prepaid design, hosting and marketing services that are fully described HERE.

We will always provide 24/7/365 Top-Notch Customer Service.

Is It Best To start With Multiple Niche Stores?

Yes, one of the great advantages of joining the Citadel Builders Community is you become part of a team that knows that as seasons change, fads emerge and fade, it is always best to have stores targeted on as many of the hottest selling niches as possible. This is only possible for a startup that has excellent management, deep expertise, and a proper budget. This is why our Executive Plan includes 5 niche stores. Of course, you can buy one or ten, or even 25 depending on your budget and desire to quickly scale your enterprise. Remember, our first goal is to have each of your stores earning a minimum of $100 a day in commissions. With five niche stores that’s $15,000 a month you can use as you wish. Currently stores that earn this amount have a value of 33-40 times the monthly gross profit, or in this hypothetical case $480,000 to $600,000. Grow that gross profit to $30,000 a month and you have a property that can readily be sold in today’s market for over $1,000,000! You are now a 1% Percenter!

Do I Receive High Speed Hosting and Quality Software?

Yes, your stores are hosted on our high speed hosting services located in the UK, Canada and Seoul, South Korea. This gives the average store a Google speed rating of 89 which is 25 notches higher than Shopify and is vital for eCommerce. Your site opens nearly instantaneously: no waiting for 10, 20, 30, or more seconds for your store to download and open. This increases customer satisfaction and earns you more visits and sales. CitadelBuilder stores are built using the same software architecture as The web-software available to users is the most popular and reliable on the market to easily manage and update sites. i.e. WordPress / WooCommerce / Beaver-Builder+Powerpack / Gravity-Forms / Smart-Crawl-SEO.

A big benefit of this web-platform is that it is hosted on its own bare-metal server out of London, UK with one of the top international hosting providers and has the latest in server-technology: Dual-Intel Xeon 16 cores / 32 threads, 128GB RAM, NVME SSD, 500mbps network, Raid1, ddos protection (Linux / WHM / Cpanel).

What Payment Gateways Do You Install? Is PayPal the Best?

80 to 90% of your business will be completed on Amazon, BuzzPresents and eBay where your customers will pay for their purchases using a wide variety of payment options including AmazonPay, PayPal, eCheck, Bitcoin, and other payment options. On these transactions you will receive a generous commission without any need to collect payment or pay any credit or debit card fees. On some transactions, depending on your niche and your instructions your store will collect payments. We always use PayPal as it is trusted and accepted world-wide and offers tremendous fraud and related protections that are not available with other payment options. If you wish to have alternative payment options on your stores we will install them for you.

Can You Make Changes to the Stores, Add or Delete Products, Change Prices?

YES, easily and with no problems. Your stores come stocked with the hottest selling products our extensive research can find, priced to sell, and ready to ship. However, you will have FULL CONTROL over your stores and can change, remove, delete products, prices, descriptions as you wish. Perhaps, you have expertise in a particular field, already have customers waiting, or access to special discount pricing. You are always free to stock and price your stores as you desire.

How Long Will I Have to Wait For My Stores To Be Delivered?

Your stores will be set up and delivered within 48 hours, weekends and holidays excluded, of receipt of payment and a brief description of your preferences such as a domain name, address, phone numbers and whether you want us to handle all marketing and advertising or you wish to have us send you the information and tools to use yourself.

Any Other Questions?

Schedule a Call with us if you have any other questions. We want to show you how you can take control o your own indestructible online business.

Free free to set up a Personal Live Virtual Conference with one of our Expert Analysts to answer your questions and get you set up. Just send us your contact information through our contact form.