DIY Business

$99.99 / month



Run your own Citadel Business for $99.99/month. Save when you pay or the whole year for just $899.99/year! You will have access to all the premium tools along with guides and support to help you operate your business.

What’s included for $99.99/month?

Check out all of the perks and features that come with a DIY Business from Citadel Builder.

  • Fully Loaded Website
    • Get the most for less when you start a new website or switch to us.
    • Easy-to-use interface, customizable website, and you have full control.
    • SSL Certificate and domain mapping (if you’re switching to us)
    • Premium Domain Registration for 1 year* (if you are starting fresh)
  • Full Access to App Network
    • We offer over 100 apps in our app network that is INCLUDED with your subscription.
      • This includes beta versions, prototypes, and new features in development
      • Order, product, and shipping management
      • Email Automation
      • Social Media Automation
      • See a list of apps and details here.
  • 200 Preloaded Products – Make 25% per total sales price, per product!
    • Your website comes with products ready to sell. Publish 50 at a time, or upload your own products.
    • We manage the inventory, shipping, and warehousing for our 200 preloaded products
    • Products include full description, product images, and pricing
  • Make at least $750/month by self promoting.
    • Our experts have calculated the perfect margins so that you are making 25% per product.
    • ┬áThat’s $25 for every $100 sold.
    • Our average website generates $3,000/month in sales, that’s $750 in your pocket from just copy, paste, and share.
    • Make even more if you are a seasoned internet sales person.

$90k Challenge

  • If you are serious about making money online, look no further.
  • If your website can generate $3,000/month for 12 months, it may qualify to auction for at least $90,000.
  • Start your online business today.