Online Lingerie Shop – Citadel Success Story




BuzzLingerie is a Citadel Success Story. This business launched in January, 2021 and has made $100,000.00 in sales so far!

  • It currently grosess $8-12k in monthly sales.
  • Has a customer database of over 1,000 visitors
  • Started as a Citadel Single business that is done for you.

This site is operational at the moment and is making money with a rather comfortable 4:1 ROAS (return on adspend).

The owner plans to start three more online businesses and has put this one up for sale. This business is ideal for a responsible buyer who can either be trained to continue standard operations or take over all management with their own skills and knowledge.


The owner is offering 10% commission for a positive referral for any serious purchasers. Call 307-201-0643 for more details if you or someone you know is interested.