Online Perfume Shop – Citadel Success Story





Own a year old perfume shop that has been in operation for over a year. It started out making just ~$3k in it’s first 30 days. After a year of strategic advertising, this website has pulled in ~$60,000 in gross sales in the past year. This is site can either be transferred over for the new owner to operate on their own, or Citadel Builder can continue to operate this site for $499.99/month + advertising.


We are scheduled to run a new ad strategy this year and could potentially reach ~$325,000 (gross sales) in the next 180 days.

Current owner plans to purchase and start up 3 more Citadel Online Business with the sale of this one.

There is a 10% commission for any serious referrals who decide to buy.

Call 307-201-0643 for more information or buy now.