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  1. Open a Varo Bank Account. Open your account here.
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  3. Invite your friends. Varo will email you your own referral code. Share it with up to 5 friends. Your code will look something like this: “varomoney.com/r/?r=yourname101010
  4. Send the link to your friend and make sure they buy the $25 website and eBook (copy and paste to send to whomever however!)
  5. Varo will send you both $50.
  6. Do this with up to 5 friends. (5 referrals for $25/each = $125)

For detailed instructions, please click here.

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The $25 for this package is compensated if you are joining us using the Varo Referral Program*. You may not be reimbursed $25 if you haven't followed the previous steps mentioned before. See instructions. Varo will give you and a friend $50 when you buy this product and follow the steps. If you need help, please see the instructions.




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